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Video and Digital Panel Advertising

The power of video in a mall setting can be an incredible advertising tool. Video captures attention in a way that no other mall advertising method can, while allowing businesses to communicate their messages more clearly.

Thousands of businesses across the nation turn to video programs in malls to aid their advertising efforts. With multiple options including portrait units, landscape units, spectacular units, and digital boards, there are no shortage of video options to choose from. For businesses looking for a more engaging mall advertising option, video programs should be considered.

Portrait Unit (a)

Portrait units are a common video advertising option in malls around the nation and can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas of the mall, which is one of their biggest strengths. Because of this, businesses can expect to reach a large audience with these video advertisements. In addition, portrait units are located on the walking platforms throughout the mall, making it easy for people to walk up and engage with your video advertisement.

Landscape Unit (b)

Landscape units provide many of the same advantages as portrait units, but do have some unique advantages of their own. Because of their ability to be mounted in specific areas, landscape units often allow businesses to use highly targeted video advertisements that can appeal directly to their market.

Spectacular Unit (c)

The spectacular unit truly lives up to its name. Essentially, the spectacular unit acts as a mall jumbotron. The sheer size and location of this mall advertising option make it impossible to ignore. If you’re looking to take center stage through mall advertising, this video program is the one for you.

Digital Board (d)

Digital boards are on the marquees of mall signs near the road and are usually 18’x13′. These huge, double-sided signs are on four-minute loops the combine mall advertising with local content and mall information. With just a 15-second spot, your mall advertisement will appear 146 times every day and have the opportunity to be seen by a lot of shoppers.

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Photo examples for illustrative purposes only. Actual advertising displays will vary based on available space, views, structure size, location, mall regulations, and other variables at individual mall locations. Please consult Sullivan Media, Inc. for specific details on your advertising program.

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