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Sullivan Media, Inc. / offers multiple mall advertising venues in over 1,700 shopping malls throughout the United States.

Mall Population

90% of the population visits a shopping mall each month

Mall Shopper

The average shopper visits a shopping mall 3.3 times per month

National Mall Shoppers

Nationally, malls average 1,000,000+ shopper visits per mall, per month

Sullivan Media, Inc. offers advertising in over 1,700 shopping malls throughout the United States. Not all marketing and advertising needs are the same, as budgets, messaging, and audience vary. To this day, one of the most effective ways to reach your audience is through mall advertising. Sullivan Media, Inc. takes pride in offering the highest quality services with multiple advertising venues in malls across the United States. Whether you need full-color backlit panels, large banners, streaming video, floor graphics, barricade graphics, door clings, elevator wraps, or escalator graphics, we have you covered. Our goal is to help businesses find the right advertising solutions for their specific needs and turn their advertising money into revenue. Through our years of experience within the industry, access to the best malls throughout the nation, various advertising venues to get your message across, and advanced demographic information, we are confident that you will find an advertising solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Mall Advertising

Why Advertise at Shopping Malls?

Did you know that 90% of the United States population visits a shopping mall each month? Furthermore, the average shopper visits shopping malls over three times a month, and the average American mall has over 1,000,000 visitors on a monthly basis.

The strengths of mall advertising aren’t just told by numbers alone though. Advertising at malls has unique advantages in terms of reaching your target audience, making meaningful connections, and increasing sales.

Think about this—there are very few places where the audience is already in the buying mood. Timing is a critical component to effective advertising, and mall ads allow businesses to reach their audience at the most opportune time possible. This element of mall ads helps businesses of all sizes turn advertising impressions into increased revenue.

In addition to this, mall advertisements also provide a wide array of options that allow businesses to not only communicate their message but help reach their target market as well. For some, visible banners centrally located in the mall will be the best option. For others, table clings provide the best avenue to display a message. In any instance, Sullivan Media, Inc. has an affordable solution and can help you determine the advertising option that best meets your needs.

Placement is another critical component of advertising success. In order to help businesses make the most out of their advertising spend, we provide advanced store grouping demographic information. This gives businesses the information they need to effectively reach their audience through our solutions.

Our services are designed to accommodate varying needs, budgets, and marketing strategies. Lastly, we adamantly believe in personal customer service and are happy to help with any needs you might have.

Our Mission

“To utilize all of our resources to achieve the goals of our client partners, period.”

David Sullivan

President & CEO

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