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T-Stand & Standee Advertising

A great way to promote your product or service in a mall is with a high-quality T-Stand or Standee.

Both the T-Stand and Standee options are double-sided so the advertising is visible to shoppers approaching from multiple directions. Either sign has a typical size of 3ft wide by 6ft high.  They are freestanding and can be placed almost anywhere such as the mall main hallways, Food Court areas, and other high traffic areas.  Both signs are available for indoor and outdoor use.

If you don’t want a regular flat-panel sign, a T-stand sign can be cut to the image of your mall advertisement and may also allow for a “Take One” holder.

Of course, these options will vary based on specific mall guidelines, so be sure to consult us for details on your mall advertising program.

Click here, for a downloadable PDF of this program.

Please call: 1-800-548-1196, or email:, for additional program information.

Photo examples for illustrative purposes only. Actual advertising displays will vary based on available space, views, structure size, location, mall regulations, and other variables at individual mall locations. Please consult Sullivan Media, Inc. for specific details on your advertising program.

Standee Advertisement
Standee Advertisement
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