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Elevator Advertising

Many of the largest malls throughout America span several floors. In these malls, elevators are used hundreds of times on a daily basis by thousands of people. In addition, these elevators are typically located centrally within the mall, making them highly visible to anyone who passes by. For these reasons, businesses across the nation turn to mall elevator programs to accommodate their advertising needs.

Elevator Door Cling (a)

Door clings are one of the most commonly used elevator programs because of their high visibility, even to those who are just passing by without using the elevator. Of course, door clings do more than catch the attention of those walking by. This mall advertising option also engages with those waiting to use the elevator for a more extended amount of time.

Elevator Wrap / Scrim Banner (b)

A lot of malls have huge elevators that are half-exposed inside a large atrium. An elevator wrap allows you to place your mall advertisement on the outside of the elevator shaft to take advantage of the natural line of sight of mall shoppers. These full-color mall ads vary in size based on each mall’s elevator design, but are huge wraps or banners that will draw a lot of attention to your company’s advertisement.

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Mall Elevator Advertisement
Mall Elevator Advertisement

Photo examples for illustrative purposes only. Actual advertising displays will vary based on available space, views, structure size, location, mall regulations, and other variables at individual mall locations. Please consult Sullivan Media, Inc. for specific details on your advertising program.

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