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Entrance Wrap Advertising

Looking to make an instant impression? Mall entrance programs are the perfect solution. Entrance wrap advertisements allow your business to reach every single person that enters a mall before anything else can distract them. In addition, entrance programs also have the opportunity to reach people driving by, prompting a future visit. Because of their unavoidable placement, entrance programs are the perfect solution for businesses trying to appeal to a large demographic.

Mall Entrance Wrap (a)

Mall entrance wraps are highly visible and because of their larger size, businesses have the opportunity to use engaging designs to attract that much more attention to them. This makes them the perfect way to inform your audience of any current specials, any new products, or even an upcoming event. If you’re going for high visibility, you can’t go wrong with a mall entrance wrap.

Door Cling (b)

Door clings are smaller than entrance wraps but come with their own unique set of advantages. Typically sold in sizes such as 12″x12″ or 14″x17″, door clings can be produced in higher volumes and used on several entrance doors throughout the mall. In addition, door clings are double-sided, which provides your business with the chance to connect with mall visitors not only on their way in, but also as they leave.

Above Entrance Door Decal (c)

Want your ad to be impossible to ignore? Above entrance door decals are exactly what you are looking for. Above entrance door decals essentially act as a billboard for your company that each and every person that enters the mall will view. In addition, entrance decals are double-sided, giving your business the ability to connect with customers inside the mall as well. Because of their massive size, advertisers have the ability to send a strong message through creative and bold design concepts. These decals are so visible that they could even be noticed by drivers in the area, prompting future visits.

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Mall Entrance Advertising


Mall Entrance Advertising
Mall Entrance Advertising

Photo examples for illustrative purposes only. Actual advertising displays will vary based on available space, views, structure size, location, mall regulations, and other variables at individual mall locations. Please consult Sullivan Media, Inc. for specific details on your advertising program.

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