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Escalator Advertising

Escalators are in malls all across the country and usually in a large open air portion of each mall, so they usually stick out like a sore thumb. Just imagine if you could capitalize on their noticeability in order to increase awareness for your brand. With the escalator cling advertisement, you can do exactly that by turning those huge escalators into a mall advertisement for your company. Choose from either a full escalator base wrap or a glass decal that runs down the length of the escalator. Either way, your mall advertisement is sure to get noticed by a lot of shoppers.

Escalator Wrap (a)

A fairly unique shape for a mall advertisement, an escalator wrap can give you room flex your creative muscles. Escalator wraps cover the entire base of the escalator providing ample space and a high probability of getting your mall advertisement noticed. With full-color prints, your escalator wraps will look great and stand out in a busy mall setting. Escalators provide opportunity for unique messaging based on what they do. Messages about “going up” can be very powerful when placed on an escalator.

Escalator Decal (b)

Slightly more understated than a base wrap, a glass decal will take up the whole length of the glass rail on a mall escalator and can be used for a completely different style of messaging. This type of mall advertising is great for single-line text advertisements that are meant to leave a lasting impression because the length allows for large typography. Maintain high visibility by plastering your mall ads down the length of a mall escalator. With most escalators being centrally located within each mall,your mall ad will be seen by plenty of shoppers.

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Escalator Advertsing
Escalator Advertising


Photo examples for illustrative purposes only. Actual advertising displays will vary based on available space, views, structure size, location, mall regulations, and other variables at individual mall locations. Please consult Sullivan Media, Inc. for specific details on your advertising program.

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