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Web Design & SEO

Turn Leads Into Clients!

Lead generation from effective and impactful advertising, such as shopping mall and billboard advertising, should be driven to an effective and impactful website. This helps to ensure the best opportunity of turning leads into customers and revenue.

Sullivan Media, Inc. / provides 15+ years of experience in the website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry creating powerful website solutions with easy-to-navigate, intuitive designs built to drive traffic and create leads by creating a smooth experience for your customers on any device.

Turn Leads Into Clients!

  • Multiple Layout Options

  • Up to 10 Pages

  • Responsive Design

  • Content Optimization

  • Blog

  • Social Media Integration

  • Lead Generation

  • Search Engine-Friendly URL’s

  • Content Management Tools

  • Google and Bing Site Submission


Monthly Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ensures your business can be found online by those searching for products and services your business offers. We research your competition and provide recommendations for your website utilizing industry best practices.

Why SEO? One, Google may make changes to the way they display search results over 400 times a year. Because of that, you may need to make small adjustments to your website, keywords, and other elements that may benefit where you rank on search engine results (SERP). SEO can also help identify if search engines have prioritized new types of content within their ranking results such as mobile first.

SEO Features and Solutions:

  • Content Analysis

  • Title, Meta, H1 Tag Analysis

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Sitemap Creation and Maintenance

  • Search Console and Webmasters Tools

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