Secure Your Mall Advertising Placements Today!

Bulova StandeeWhat will happen to our shopping malls once this outbreak is over? Like most other industries, they will thrive.

Although we are in this time of uncertainty, one thing we know is it will pass. Once it does, shopping centers will see a dramatic increase and advertising will be of the utmost importance and more competitive than ever for those dollars consumers will be ready to spend.

With that in mind, let’s get your advertising scheduled for May, June, July, and the following months so that YOUR MESSAGE will be one of the first things a consumer sees at the mall.

“Secure your placements now for your in-mall advertising options in over 1,700 shopping malls across the United States

…Plus, complete your bookings by June 1st for any advertising programs with a “Start Date” during the year 2020 and we will cover your initial print costs!”

(Offer does not apply to quotes provided prior to March 23, 2020.)

Why Mall Advertising?

  • 91% of shopping still happens at brick and mortar locations
  • 90% of the population visits a mall each month
  • The average shopper visits a mall over 3 times per month
  • Malls are the most visited indoor facility in the community
  • You can target the perfect audience
  • Unlike social or Internet media, mall signs are static and viewed 100% of the time.
  • They can’t be unsubscribed or “clicked” out of
  • Reach and frequency: Advertisers can reach every demographic (male, female, all age groups, all ethnicities); average time on mall is 90 minutes +, so shoppers see ads multiple times during visit.
  • Seen by thousands of people daily, hits all targets audiences from teens to senior citizens
  • 78% of consumers prefer to shop in-store
  • People are already in a “buying state of mind” and mentally open to receiving advertising as opposed to driving past a billboard or watching T.V.
  • The ability to reach multiple demographics at once as well as to place near specific demographics (ie. play area, women’s stores etc)
  • Trackable ROI! Most mediums outside of mall are not directly trackable on returns

The New York Post

/ December 03, 2019
New York’s hottest Uber destination isn’t the High Line, the Met, Madison Square Garden or any tourist-mobbed Manhattan landmarks. The location in the Empire State where most people use the ride-sharing transportation service is the Queens Center Mall.

The e-hail company said Tuesday that the Elmhurst emporium — home to 198 stores including Hot Topic, Claire’s and Cinnabon — was the destination most users in the state caught its cars to in 2019, not including transit hubs.

Within the Big Apple, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was the second-most Ubered-to destination, followed by another mall, Kings Plaza in Mill Basin, Brooklyn.